DuraMount Part Number DM-2987

A popular application  for Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn, this is a top selling part in the American Aftermarket. However, despite its popularity, traditional repackagers in the US lack the technical expertise of an OEM manufacturer to understand the materials and performance of the product, which in turn leads to high warranty rates and fails to satisfy consumers looking for a True, Genuine OE-Quality replacement motor Mount.  

DuraMount Part Number DM-2938

Another very popular application for the 2000-2004 Ford Focus is a high replacement motor mount globally.

Engineering Facilities

Our Engineering facility provides global product development to not only the Global Aftermarket but is also the foundation for Major OEM platforms like Mazda, Fiat, Volvo India, Suzuki etc. 

As a major OEM supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers across the globe, DuraMount understands what it means to create motor mounts for 21st century vehicles and this 40 year expertise gives us the ability to create truly premium products for the North American Aftermarket.

Universal Testing Machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Dynamic Testing Machine
Finite Element Analysis
Tetrahedral Pre meshing of mount


Prototype Testing

Product Launch


Prototype Testing

Product Launch

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